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Posted by sotheby_admin on 27 May 2021

Interesting Ideas on How To Re-Decorate Your New Home

With the excitement of moving into a new home comes the responsibility of decorating it beautifully, and orginally.

Decorating your new home can be both interesting and challenging. Interesting because you get to experiment and set up your home the way you wish and challenging if you have no prior knowledge of interior design.

How you decorate your home says a lot about your personality. With the different trends of interior decor available in Qatar and worldwide, it may be difficult to make the perfect choice.

A lot of mind-blowing idea on house redecoration has been seen globally. Here are a few ways you can decorate your home such that it is trendy, artistic, and comfortable to live in. Some of these are mostly inspired by interesting redesigns seen in Qataris homes.

Draw Up A Budget

You do not want to end up spending the bulk of your money on a particular aspect of your décor and in turn neglect the other equally important things. Making a budget and sticking to it will help you avoid that.

Paint Your Walls

The choice of what color to paint your walls depends on what look you are aiming for. Paint your walls with soft colors like blue, pink, or lavender for an elegant and classy look. Do not be afraid to go for bold colors, especially if you are aiming for an industrial-style living room.

If you will have little children around, you could use glossy paints on your walls. Although glossy paints will make imperfections of your walls more apparent, they are quite easy to clean.

Colors may appear in different hues in different light conditions, so make sure to test the colors before going ahead to paint the entire room.

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Use Artworks and Mosaic Wallpapers

It is not news that Artworks will boost the beauty of your home interior. However, the use of self-adhesive mosaic-pattern wallpapers is getting more popular. Wallpapers add the perfect contrast to your room. They are encouraged in redecoration as it will go well with artworks. Ensure the pattern and color of the wallpaper match with the color of the walls and the Artworks you want to mount. Do not use wallpapers on all the walls in the room.

These wallpapers are easily removable so you can change them whenever you like. Make sure to attach a relatively large eye-catching art piece to the center of your wallpaper to make a statement.  Calligraphy art is very welcoming.

Pay Attention To The Ceiling

Ceilings are an important aspect of your home as they can make a room look cozy or spacious. If you have patterned wallpapers with a lot of detail, paint your ceilings dark colors like black to add contrast and balance.

Paint your ceiling white to make your small room look taller and more spacious. Colored Light fixtures and chandeliers also look best on white ceilings.

Choose the Right Lighting

Choose the right light bulbs. Lighting plays an important role in how the colors of your walls and ceiling appear so it is an important aspect of your décor. Take care to ensure your light bulbs are positioned in such a way that pieces of your furniture do not cast shadows. 

Make use of decorative light bulbs. They are trendy and add to the beauty of your home décor.

Use Textured Furniture

You cannot go wrong with textured furniture. Choose your sofas, armchairs, center tables, and coffee tables to match your style and personality.

Your furniture arrangement is very important in designing your living room. This is because shabbily arranged furniture will downplay all the other decors you put in place. Consider the height of your couches, chairs, or sofas, and make sure they are arranged asymmetrically.

Using identical or matching furniture is not a bad idea, but a mismatch of furniture will give you a more trendy and upbeat look. Not only will your living room look and feel spacious, but a mismatch of furniture also adds depth and personality to your home.

Aim for Natural Ligthing In The Kitchen

Colors like white and green accentuate the natural light from the sun and give your kitchen an airy and breezy look.

If your kitchen is in a location that is not naturally lighted up, paint the walls orange to give off a natural glow. If you have dark floor tiles, soft-colored walls will be perfect and vice versa.

Decorate With Indoor Plants

Indoor plants make the perfect aesthetic. A vase containing greens or flowers makes the perfect table piece. You can make use of natural or plastic flowers depending on your preference.  You can have indoor plants all-around your house; in your living area, on your dining table, and even by your window. Ceramic or glass flower vases are trendy and add to the elegance of your home.

Have Mirrors In All The Rooms

It would be great to catch your reflection as you walk by in your home. Mirrors reflect light and increase the natural lighting of a room. A floor-length mirror will also make a room look taller and more spacious. Not only mirrors are functional, but they are also great decor pieces. Use large antique mirrors to add a traditional spice to your modern decor.

Add A Wow-Effect To Your Living Room

Aim to create a last impression on the minds of your guest. Add a large painting, a sculpture, or an antique to your living area. It does not have to be a single piece. It could be an arrangement of smaller pieces of antiques. You should place them in strategic locations such that they are easily seen. For example, a large painting over your fireplace.

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